AARP Membership Cost

AARP membership Cost is marked by various advantages targeting at enriching the lives of retirees and seniors, starting from travel discounts to healthcare resources. The golden years should not be a financial burden.


However, one must carefully consider the cost of AARP membership before signing up for it. Knowing the pricing structure and what options are available helps you to make a wise choice and maximize your benefits.

How Much is AARP Membership Cost?

Surprisingly enough, AARP membership is cheap with several saving opportunities compared to its benefits. Let us go deeper into the matter:

Membership Options Breakdown:

AARP has different membership plans that fit your needs and budget. Below are current prices (as at March 27th ,2024):

  • Standard Membership: This option costs $16 per year which makes it very popular among consumers. It covers all kinds of discounts and privileges from AARP as well as free subscription for AARP The Magazine plus possibility to get an additional member who is either wife or husband.
  • Automatic Renewal with Introductory Rate: For those who would opt for automatic renewal, there is a discounted introductory rate of $12 for the first year by AARP. Therefore, you will enjoy reduced charges on such benefits before moving forward into paying full fees annually. Remember, anytime you may terminate automatic renewal service.
  • Multi-Year Memberships: In case you want to have an AARP membership for many years ahead, think about multi-year packages as well because they bring more savings like these:
    • Three-Year Membership: Pay only $43 over these three years with 10% decrease from the original price per annum using this program.
    • Five-Year Membership: Maximize your savings through this five-year package since it goes for only $63 with 21% off total discount at last.
AARP Membership Cost
Important Note: These are base prices; occasionally there could be promotional offers or discounts by organization such as for newcomers sign ups only so keep checking their site if any presently that may further reduce the ARP membership cost.

Considering the Value Beyond Cost

Although AARP membership cost is a major consideration, it is important to evaluate the potential value. Here are some benefits you can gain that will offset your membership fee significantly:

Travel Discounts:

AARP membership opens up possibilities of travelling at reduced fares on flights, hotels, cruises and car hire. You can imagine enjoying your dream holiday destinations or revisiting past moments at relatively low prices.

Healthcare Savings:

Among the benefits of ARP are special discounts on gym memberships, fitness classes and hearing aids while through their program AARP® Prescription Discounts you could save on medicines if necessary.

Entertainment Savings:

Affordable tickets to movies, concerts and museums is one way of enriching oneself as well as developing new interests.

Shopping Savings:

Get a product with an AARP discount for yourself or present it to someone else in various ways.

These are just examples of some of the savings you stand to make by being part of AARP. With these advantages in mind, paying for an ARP membership is more like investing in an inexpensive life which provides greater personal fulfillment.

We have looked into the different types of ARP memberships available and their respective costs. Let us now go more in-depth about other considerations that will enable making the most informed option so far.

Additional Factors to Consider

Lets check out some additional factors to consider the AARP membership cost:

A.Individual vs. Family Membership:

In this case, both individuals and couples/families can opt for standard renewal and automatic introductory rates. If you have a spouse or partner living under the same roof who would like to have access to these benefits, a couple/family membership will give them a free membership card at no extra charge which could be very beneficial in terms of saving some money.

B.Automatic Renewal:

One thing to bear in mind is that while the introductory rate offers a discount for the first year, your membership will be automatically renewed each year thereafter at the standard rate. However, if you do not see yourself using the membership over an extended period of time, it may be better suited for you to go for either basic or multiyear plan options.

C.Cancellation Policy:

AARP memberships are flexible and can be cancelled at any moment. This means that just in case something comes up and one needs to quit it won’t take forever.

D.Maximizing Savings:

Here are other additional suggestions to maximize your AARP membership savings:

  • Search out Promotions: Sometimes new members get special discounts or promotions from AARP once in a while. Visit their website or check their mailings for present offers that could lower your initial cost even more.
  • Utilize All Benefits: Once you become a member look at all discounts on goods and services available. The greater our use of advantages produces growing our investment’s value.
  • Consider Multi-Year Memberships: If you’re confident about having an active AARP membership over quite some time then selecting several years offers significant savings when compared with annual renewals.

Remember, AARP membership is an investment in your well-being. Whether it’s discounted travel experiences, improved health and fitness opportunities, or simply saving money on everyday purchases, the benefits can significantly outweigh the AARP membership cost.

So, take the first step towards a more enriching and affordable golden age. Visit the AARP website, compare their memberships to find what will make you feel empowered while living at its fullest.

Value of AARP Membership

The AARP membership value is not limited to just the amount one has to pay for it but stretches beyond. Let us analyze benefits received vis-à-vis costs incurred and see how AARP would compare with similar options.

Value of AARP Membership

Benefits vs Cost:

Even when we talk about potential savings that come as a result of being a member of this organization are such as:

  1. Discounts on flights, hotels, cruises and car rentals
  2. Savings on gym memberships, fitness classes, hearing aids and prescriptions
  3. Entertainment discounts e.g. movies concerts museums etc
  4. Discounts on various products and services that are offered in stores across US

Now let’s weigh these advantages against different types of AARP membership fees:

Membership TypeCostDescription
Standard Membership$16/yearYou can easily save more than $16 by utilizing available discounts throughout the year if you actively use them all.
Automatic Renewal$12 for the 1st yearAllows you to get the experience at a lower cost initially so that you can determine if it works for you.
Multi-Year MembershipsThese offer significant savings upfront if you’re confident you’ll value your membership for an extended period.
3-year = $43
5-year = $63

Please note that the Multi-Year Memberships don’t have annual costs because they cover multiple years upfront.

AARP vs Similar Organizations

However, AARP is in a class of its own among other organizations that focus on seniors because of the following reasons:

  • Vast Network: This author dedicates this section to how AARP has a wide range of discounts, resources, and advocacy programs aimed at retired persons and senior citizens.
  • Track Record: AARP’s experience with old people enables it to bargain for profitable terms from businesspersons as well as policy formulation that would favor older adults.
  • Wide Coverage: No matter where you are in the nation, AARP is designed in such a way that you have access to these discounts and resources.

What Current AARP Members Say:

But wait! What do present members of AARP have to say?

  • “Thankfully through AARP travel deals I was able to afford my dream Alaska cruise. Besides, I saved much on flights plus hotels.” – Sarah L., an affiliate member
  • “An AARP membership discount on gym keeps me fit without getting broke. That is great motivation!” – John M., an affiliate member
  • “The discounts on prescriptions offered through AARP have been a lifesaver. It enables me to continue buying my prescribed medication without considering about the cost.” – Linda P., an affiliate member

These depict some ways by which being part of the organization can be more beneficial than just saying “I am already an ARP member”.

Ways to Save on AARP Membership

While joining ARP costs just a little bit more compared to others, there are several ways making it less costly:

1.Look Out for Special Deals and Promotions:

Sometimes, first-time sign-ups can enjoy discounts or reduced rates offered by the group. Visit their website or follow them on social media platforms besides checking your mailbox for any offers currently available that could help you save money when starting your membership with them.

2.Choose Multi-Year Membership Plans:

On the other hand if you are largely certain that this will be worth it over an extended period, going for a multi-year plan (3 or 5 years) will be much cheaper than renewing every year.

3.Gift Membership:

Offering AARP membership to any senior you might know is one of the most loving presents you can ever give them. As such, other family members or your friends could agree to pay for your subscription and render it free from charge at the beginning.

4.Consider Alternative Discounts:

Whereas AARP has many choices, some discounts can be found elsewhere. For instance, in addition to ARP there are retail stores and gyms that offer “seniors” discounts. Hence, investigate prices whenever you look only at ARP deals.

Remember That Balance Is Key: Between taking advantage of AARP’s wide range of discount networks and seeking alternative solutions for specific needs.

Maximizing the Value of Your AARP Membership

The following suggestions will help you make the best use of your membership once you become a member:

a.Benefits Offered by the Organization:

Apart from simply getting price reductions for items bought by members on certain companies, this organization also provides various benefits such as newsletters on financial planning, healthcare policy update as well as retirement planning among others which are all accessible via their website locally organized chapter meetings.

b.Take Advantage of AARP’s Discount Marketplace:

With this online platform, one can get all local discounts available on different products and services whether it’s food, hotels or transport costs to name but a few.

c.How to Download the AARP Mobile App?

AARP mobile app is a tool of staying updated with recent offers, digital access to your membership card and also real-time resources.

Ways to Get Involved in Your Local Chapter:

Senior center or nursing home may host a local chapter meeting. It is simply a group of older adults who meet for social events. They might be found at schools or hospitals too.

But by following these tips, you can turn your AARP membership from an expense into an essential tool to benefit your life, save money and link up even when apart.

Do not let the cost of joining this organization stop you from learning about its benefits. Take control over your golden days, embrace a more fulfilling lifestyle and unlock the potential of an AARP membership.


Q: How much does an annual AARP membership costs?

An annual AARP membership costs at number of different levels are there to choose from depending on individual needs and budgets as follows:
Standard Membership ($16/year): Entitles full access to all benefits offered by this company.
Automatic Renewal with Introductory Rate ($12 for the first year): Allows you to get that experience at a less costly rate so that you may know whether it works right for you or not.
Multi-Year Memberships: 3 Year Membership – 10% Discount ($43), 5 Year Membership – 21% Discount ($63)

Q: Does AARP have a lifetime membership?

No, AARP does not offer a AARP lifetime membership cost option. However, the AARP membership cost for 5 years provides the most significant cost savings and can be a suitable alternative for those who plan to utilize their membership for an extended period.

Q: Can I get a discount on the AARP membership cost?

Yes, AARP sometimes gives out introductory discounts or promotions to new members. Watch out for current offers on their website page too. Additionally, multi-year subscription will save you much money.

Q: What if I’m not sure that I want an AARP membership?

If you are not sure that you want an AARP membership, then the company’s site contains all information pertaining to benefits and resources that one can access if he/she is an owner of certain privileges. This also allows you to test the waters by using the automatic renewal with introductory rate for one year at reduced rates before committing yourself into any longer term plans as it can always be canceled at any time.


The AARP cost of joining opens up numerous doors filled with benefits made specifically for retired persons and senior citizens in order for them to enjoy life more fully.

With this knowledge of different memberships available, beyond costs value proposition and saving strategies, you are therefore empowered enough to make decisions based on factual grounds.

So begin your journey towards a richer and safer old age now. Visit the AARP website, compare their memberships to find what will make you feel empowered while living at its fullest.

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