AARP Discounts

AARP membership discounts come in– an immense range of savings opportunities that are purposely designed for individuals who are 50 years old and above.

An AARP membership is far more than just discounts, but the financial benefits it provides carry significant weight and can have a substantial impact on your budget.


With this membership, you get tons of other discounts in different categories. There are travel savings, retail discounts, entertainment offers, dining promotions, insurance offers as well as financial services among others.

These cuts quickly sum up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year. Consider being able to take discounted trips or save on groceries and everyday essentials or even receive lower rates on your insurance all thanks to having an AARP membership.

Types of AARP Membership Discount

While enjoying AARP membership discounts is a great advantage; we shouldn’t forget there is more to it than only saving money. It represents one of the strongest senior advocacy organizations which fight for rights and interests of elderly people.

Now let us look at some types of AARP member’s discounts available:

A) Travel Discounts: Journey through Cheap Expeditions

Airline Discounts: AARP negotiates special rates with major airlines that could reduce your next flight fare.

Hotel Discounts: Stay for less money in popular hotel chains and resorts while discovering new places.

Car Rental Discounts: Rent a car from reputable companies with reduced tariffs.

B) Retail Discounts: Buy Cheaper Every Day

Grocery Stores: Purchase from leading grocery stores offering lower prices due to AARP coupons

Clothing Stores: Get decent clothes at reasonable prices in specific clothes’ shops

Pharmacy Discounts: Cut down on medical costs with AARP pharmacy price cuts

AARP Discounts

C) Entertainment Discounts: Capture Moments without Overstretching Your Pocket

Movie Theaters: Watch the latest movies at a discount if you use your AARP card at the ticket counter

Theme Parks: Enjoy theme parks for less thus making family outings more affordable

Museums and Cultural Institutions: Pay less to visit museums, art galleries, historical monuments or places of scientific interest.

D) Dining Discounts: Taste Delicious Meals at a Reduced Cost

Restaurant Chains: Get your preferred national and regional restaurant chains with discounts for AARP members.

Local Eateries: Local participating restaurants have some special offers for the AARP card holders who can try in their community

Fast Food Discounts: You do not have to worry about how much it costs every time you want to eat something fast and cheap.

E) Insurance Discounts: Buy Peace At Cheaper Price

Auto Insurance: Use AARP’s relationships with established insurance firms to get cheap auto insurance.

Home Insurance: This is another way that people can save their money on home insurances that are arranged by AARP.

Health Insurance: There may be discounted supplementary health plans offered through AARP.

F) Financial Discounts: Act Smart On Your Finances

Banking Services: Access banking products such as checking accounts, savings accounts etc. at reduced rates using AARP member benefits.

Investment Opportunities: Have access to various financial tools which can help residents deal with available investments at potentially discounted fees or charges depending on availability of funds for this purpose only among others.

Tax Assistance: AARP tax assistance programs make filing your taxes easier and may even save you money on professional tax preparation services.

An AARP membership is valued by elderly individuals who want to get full value from their hard earned dollars.

Different categories have a wide range of discounts that help you save a lot especially when it comes to travel, everyday purchases, entertainment, dining out as well as financial services and insurance. But it’s not just about discounts.

How do I access My AARP Membership Discounts?

Truth be told, AARP plans are designed for individuals aged 50 and above, but this does not mean that anyone else cannot take part in the resources and discounts offered by the association.

a.Myth Number One: The Discounts Are Insignificant

The fact is, AARP membership provides you with a platform to make significant savings depending on how you live and spend. Cumulatively, an individual’s travel, health care expenses or entertainment hereafter could become huge.

b.Myth Number Two: Membership Cost Is higher Than The Benefits

As far as AARP is concerned, the annual subscription fee is highly affordable. When we consider likely reductions in travelling costs, healthcare expenses among other outlays, membership to the organization can easily pay for itself within a very short period of time.

c.Costco Plus Gym Membership Savings

What happens when Costco memberships are mentioned? It is important to note that while AARP does not give discounts on such memberships per se it provides discounts on various items found at Costco as well as its range of services.

d.Do I get Airline Discounts being an AARP Member?

Of course! One of the key benefits of belonging to AARP is airline ticketing at cheaper costs. Then what about:

  • AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia

Here you can browse through hundreds of discounted travel deals in one place because the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has entered into agreements with airlines which offer exclusive reductions on airfares. Such deductions depend upon variables like airline service provider, destination area and seasonality among others.

  • Airline Partnerships

Another advantage of being a member is that they have special relationships with particular airlines who may offer discounts or extra services or baggage waiver charges amongst others including priority boarding. You will find current airline partnerships listed on either their webpage or mobile app for more information.

Pointers to Consider When Maximizing AARP Airline Discounts

By using certain tactics, flying might turn out to be quite pocket unfriendly. One of them is taking advantage of AARP’s benefits (American Association of Retired Persons).

AARP, a club that provides its members with myriad discounts and privileges, has substantial savings to offer in terms of airfares.

  • Be Flexible: The best deals are mostly based on flexibility when it comes to both travel dates and times. It’s advisable to fly during week days or off- peak hours
  • Book Ahead: While there may be last minute offers, booking flights early usually yields better results especially if you are an AARP member.
  • Comparison Shopping: Comparison does not only apply at the online stage; this is if you want to have the best deal. Always check prices from other online travel websites and airline pages as well before making any purchase through AARP Travel Center.

To frequent flyers, every saving made on an airline ticket matters. Employing these tips together with a fare reduction from AARP will help you save significantly on your journey’s expenses despite still experiencing the convenience and luxury offered by air transport.

Does AARP Give Discounts On Gym Memberships?

However, AARP does not normally offer discounted gym memberships for all facilities in the country but they do help their customers find ways of saving money in such areas through resource provision and partnering. Let us look at some choices:

Does AARP Give Discounts On Gym Memberships

1.AARP Discounts Marketplace

This online site contains numerous discounts including those provided by gyms. This means that people can find gyms offering discounts for being members of this association as long as they live here.

2. Silver Sneakers Fitness Program

This program is designed for older adults who require medical coverage in terms of health care. Some fitness clubs participate in this program by providing free or discounted memberships for eligible seniors under Medicare Advantage programs.

3. Negotiate Directly

Gyms often accept negotiations especially for extended periods of memberships, while others will always charge special fees after considering an individual’s membership with AARP.

Lastly, fitness center membership deals are one of the many benefits that AARP offers. These savings can make a significant difference given the cost implication of staying healthy through workouts and exercises.


The benefits of an AARP membership discount are more than just pocket change. It takes you to a better life. An AARP membership has many advantages, such as affordable travel and entertainment, useful information and a sympathetic society that make it possible for you to lead the best life in your own way.

Therefore, if you like travelling actively or you are very sensitive about your health or simply looking for ways of stretching your budget further, it is time to join AARP. Find out various opportunities available with discounts included and enjoy them!

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