Does AARP Membership Include Spouse?

Many senior citizens and retirees find AARP membership very valuable. This provides discounts on travel, healthcare, entertainment, and insurance among others. However, many people ask if a single AARP membership covers benefits for a spouse as well? The article looks at the concept of Does AARP Membership Include Spouse? Its historical background and its evolution over time.

The answer is “it depends.” A unique benefit offered by AARP – you can add your partner or spouse as a secondary member free of charge. These partners can enjoy all the advantages linked to this organization together with the primary members.

Does AARP Membership Include Spouse

Importance of Membership for Retirees and Seniors

The important things are dealing with health care changes because of aging; assuring financial stability; and staying active in mind and body as we get old. To address these issues faced by older adults who are members, which includes:

Informative Resources: It encompasses educational materials whose areas of focus include health, finance, and retirement planning.

Valuable Discounts: This pertains to savings on travel expenses such as dining out insurance-related costs including tickets levies.

Advocacy: An influential voice that raises concerns affecting senior citizens’ welfare;

Community and Connection: One could join local chapters or online forums and engage with like-minded persons

By enrolling their spouses as members, couples can take advantage of these multiple benefits hence getting optimal results from them.

Traditionally, AARP memberships targeted individual holders only. Nonetheless, AARP introduced the concept of secondary memberships as it saw that there were couples’ interests and desire for combined benefits.

Exploring Spousal Membership

Also called spousal membership, a second membership allows you to add your spouse or domestic partner to your existing AARP membership at no extra cost, giving them access to all the advantages and resources enjoyed by primary members.

Historical Context of AARP’s Stance on Spousal Membership

Membership in former times was for individual members only, without any consideration for families. This could have been due to traditional family structures where one spouse (normally the husband) handled finances and membership organizations.

Changes in AARP Policies Regarding Spousal Membership

AARP has come to note changes happening within most families and need for attention aimed at both husbands and wives in any given home setting. Consequently, it came up with free secondary memberships which opened opportunities for more comprehensive approach towards membership benefits focusing on entire family unity.

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Does AARP Membership Include Spouse?

AARP has a very amazing offer – that of providing free secondary membership to your spouse! Here is a breakdown of this policy:

Current Policy on Spousal Membership

  • Clarifications from AARP: AARP explicitly allows members to add a spouse or domestic partner living in the same household as a free secondary member.
  • Official statements and resources: You can find confirmation of this policy on the AARP website ( and in membership materials.

Adding another member is straight forward:

  • Log into your online account for AARP.
  • Find “My Account” section, then go-to add secondary member’s option.
  • Enter information that pertains to your wife/husband such that he/she will receive their card confirming that they are also entitled to all services provided by AARP.

How AARP Membership Benefits Extend to Spouses?

There are numerous benefits when you add your spouse as another member:

Joint memberships: Both you and your husband/wife will have access to special offers when it comes to travelling, dining out or entertainment spots like cinema halls or health care facilities.

Accessing common benefits: They will thus; be able to use these publications, get resources from the internet concerning these matters, accompany them to educational workshops, engage in some form of advocacy among others.

Here’ s a table indicating different benefits that come with having secondary membership for one’s spouse;

  1. Type
  2. Examples
  3. Discounts

Travel discounts, eating out discounts at exclusive places like restaurants, entertainment offers, discounted healthcare products and services as well.

  • Resources

AARP publications, online resources like the AARP website and magazine

  • Events

Educational workshops, webinars, and social events hosted by local AARP chapters

  • Advocacy

Information and participation opportunities regarding issues impacting older adults

Remember: Certain benefits or eligibility levels may differ depending on which type of AARP membership you have (basic, standard, premium etc.).

Limitations or Exclusions for Spouses

However useful they may be; there are some that could possibly be limited:

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Limitations on select benefits: Some AARP offers such as certain insurances available may call for individual enrolment from both spouses.

Additional charges or requirements to include your spouse: These are special admission rules that apply in rare case whereby a member opts to include his/her husband/wife as a secondary member. Refer back to your policy terms and conditions for more information.

Benefits of Spousal Inclusion

There are some persuasive reasons why you should consider adding your partner to your AARP membership:

A. Financial Advantages for Couples

Opportunities for saving money: You have an excellent chance of spending less when it comes to travel expenses since there will be great discounts associated with it hence savings on other purchases such medicines can also be made.

More wealth at disposal: You two will have access to various tools relating to financial planning, retirement planning as well as health care knowledge from this large organization just like any other person does in the society.

Picture this situation: Travel plans with your companion. By having joint membership in the AARP, you become eligible for exclusive discounts at hotels of your choice; get cheaper airfares then rent cars inexpensively so that your travel budget remains unaffected.

B. Social and Community Benefits

Shared experiences and opportunities: Spend time together by being present at different activities arranged by AARP thereby not only increasing bonds among people but also making numerous friends.

Strengthening relationships within the AARP community: As a couple, attending functions organized by AARP will lead to connections with individuals facing the same phase of life hence you can form a strong support system around you.

When you share your AARP membership with your spouse, it benefits both of you financially and socially.

Spousal Alternatives

If your spouse is not eligible for AARP membership due to age, consider these possibilities:

What To Do If Your Spouse Is Ineligible For AARP Membership?

  • Other membership organizations: Find groups that focus on younger adults but provide the same kind of benefits as discounts and educational resources.
  • Individual Benefits That Match Aarp’s Criteria: Any other association in which your partner can take a single membership with aligned interests or discounted purchases and financial planning tools.
Don’t forget: it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario; in fact, it depends on their interests, age or the most preferred package by your partner.

Advocacy for Inclusive Policies

Community feedback and suggestions: Engage with us and let us know how you feel about this matter because we are always interested in hearing from you on these subjects. In the event that you opine spouses should have full membership rights regardless of their ages,

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You can do so by going to directly to their website or attending some member forums.

This will help shape future conversations about whether or not such policies should be created regarding eligibility for spousal memberships.

Possible Future Changes To The Policy Of Being A Member Of AARP

AARP is an ever-changing organization; here are some scenarios;

Age Requirement Adjustments: Should its demographic change and retirements become earlier, lowering the age requirement for the program could also be under consideration by AARP based to contradicting thinking.

Tiered Membership Options: Perhaps another alternative would be a tiered membership structure, where those ineligible spouses according to today’s definition of youth may pay a reduced fee for limited benefits only.

In conclusion, though, there may be changes rather than specifics per se concerning such programs, as these revisions depend on member responses to continued evolution of societal needs.


To sum up Does AARP Membership Include Spouse? you can extend these benefits to your partner with an AARP membership. It significantly adds value to the membership by making it possible for both partners to benefit from a wide range of offers like lower premiums on insurance coverage, roadside assistance among others.

However, each spouse must review individual description of terms and conditions contained within such service descriptions so as to ensure that they receive all the benefits available under this arrangement. In general terms therefore, being inclusive in their membership suggests that AARP caters for all round support towards senior citizens including their loved ones.

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