What Is AARP Supplement?

Many nearing retirement cannot fathom the difficulties of securing healthcare coverage. This is where AARP Supplements, also known as Medigap plans, come into play. The present manual delves into AARP Supplements, explores their essence and emphasizes the importance of there being numerous benefits that they possess for old people so that you can be able to make value judgments.

What Is AARP Supplement

What Is An AARP Supplement?

According to Allsup.com (2013), an AARP Supplement refers to a kind of private health insurance plan that is designed specifically to work alongside Original Medicare (Parts A and B). After age 65, a significant portion of your healthcare expenses will be covered by Medicare; however, it does not cover everything such as deductibles, coinsurance, and excess charges.

Through the supplement for Example 4 in this case study or Example 1 at LAYER model introduction page, additional financial protection and peace of mind are provided by filling these gaps.

Here is a table summarizing the major differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans:

Original Medicare (Parts A & B)AARP Supplement (Medigap Plan)
CoverageCovers hospital stays, doctor visits, and some outpatient services
PremiumsPart A has no monthly premium (premiums apply after using all hospital benefits). Part B has a monthly premium.
Choice of DoctorsSee any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare
Note: It is important to mention here that while AARP Supplements may be named after UnitedHealthcare by name alone; they are offered by private insurance companies rather than directly through Medicare hence one need to compare different providers before settling on any particular one since many reputable insurers like Cigna offer such policies with great success.

Importance of AARP Supplements

When your out-of-pocket medical expenses become too much to handle, it can be overwhelming. AARP Supplements are crucial in providing financial protection by:

  • Reducing your financial burden: These types of insurance policies have provisions that cater for deductibles, coinsurance, and excess charges thus drastically reducing the amount involved in terms of medical costs from what one has to pay out-of-pocket.
  • Predictable healthcare costs: By using an AARP Supplement you will know how much you owe for covered medical services which allows more effective budgeting.
  • Peace of mind: The comprehensive nature of this insurance can help a person avoid stress related to unexpected bills from hospitals.
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For instance, if you were hospitalized. The original medicare usually covers part of the costs; however, there may still be a deductible or coinsurance that needs to be paid as well as additional fees. These remaining expenses will then be catered for by an AARP Supplement without creating another heavy resolve.

While minimizing elderly people’s expenses, such insurers will enable them not to bother with aftereffects because they would like to take care about own welfare.

How AARP Supplements Work?

Navigating through Medicare is often intimidating, especially when looking at options for supplementary insurance coverage. Many beneficiaries enrolled in Original Medicare opts for the popular choice-AARP Supplements (Medigap plans).

Coordination with Original Medicare

You’ll have significant portions of your healthcare covered by Original Medicare (Parts A & B). Nevertheless, you’ll still need to cover deductibles among other cost-sharing aspects.

AARP Supplements fill this gap by paying for some or all of these out-of-pocket costs based on the plan you choose.

Here’s a chart explaining basic coverage under Original Medicare and how it can be supplemented with AARP Supplements:

Original Medicare CoverageAARP Supplement Coverage (Varies by plan)
Part A (Hospital Insurance)May pay for hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care, and hospice care deductibles and coinsurance.
Part B (Medical Insurance)May cover doctor office visit copays, coinsurance & preventive services deductibles.
Note: Prescription drug costs are not covered by AARP supplements; you must enrol in Medicare Part D separately for that.

Enrollment Process

You must already have Original Medicare (Parts A and B) to qualify to enroll in an AARP supplement.

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Enrollment periods for AARP Supplements may be complex. Generally speaking, you have six months after turning 65 and enrolling in Part B to sign up for a Medigap policy without medical underwriting (meaning your health status cannot be used as a reason to reject your application).

After this time frame is over, medical underwriting might apply which can impact your eligibility or premium rates.

You should contact a licensed insurance agent or go to their website at https://www.aarpmedicareplans.com/ to get more information about the different enrollment options available to you.

Claim Procedures

  • When you receive healthcare services paid for by your AARP Supplement, the process usually involves:
  • Initial deductions or co-pays depending on the specific plan you bought.
  • Your healthcare provider submits his bill first to Medicare;
  • Medicare then handles claims payments through checking what its Part A and B covers;

Following this is when your own personal out-of-pocket will begin from part of claim allowed by your ARP supplement as per company guidelines.

Remember-Take note of the particular claims procedure applicable to your plan so that you can keep detailed records regarding all expenses made to cater for your health.

Renewal and Cancellation Policies

AARP Supplements are usually guaranteed renewable, which means the insurance company cannot discontinue your policy as long as you pay your premiums on time.

Though, premium rates may rise over a period of time. Cancellation is different depending on the policy but in general, you have a right to cancel an AARP Supplement at any moment.

We’ll be getting into that in the next part when we compare AARP supplements with other healthcare options so that you can make a wise decision!

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AARP Supplement vs. Other Healthcare Options

AspectAARP SupplementOriginal MedicarePrivate Health InsuranceMedicare Advantage Plans
CoverageFills gaps in Original Medicare (Parts A & B)Covers portions of healthcare costs under Original Medicare (Parts A & B)May come as standalone or add-onComplete medical coverage including prescription drugs (Part D)
StandardizationStandardized plans (A, B, C, etc.) with guaranteed benefitsNo standardization, coverage remains unchangedVaries widely between providersPremiums, networks, and costs vary
Provider ChoiceAny doctor or specialist who accepts MedicareAny doctor or specialist who accepts MedicareProvider networks varyMust stay within provider network
Cost StructurePredictable and lower out-of-pocket expensesSignificant out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, coinsurances, and copaysVaries widely between providersPremiums and out-of-pocket expenses vary
Prescription Drug CoverageNot included, requires separate Part D coverageNot included, requires separate Part D coverageMay be included or require separate Part D coverageOften included as part of the plan
ChoosingOptimal for those seeking predictability and lower out-of-pocket expenses with Original MedicareSuitable for those who don’t mind managing out-of-pocket expenses and have a consistent budgetNecessary if not enrolled in Original MedicareSuitable for those who prefer a bundled package with network restrictions

Remember: This is only a general comparison. You should carefully consider your specific health care needs, budget and your doctor’s preferences before you make any decision.


In conclusion, an AARP Supplement, also known as a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their Original Medicare coverage and minimize out-of-pocket expenses. By filling in the gaps left by Original Medicare, these standardized plans offer predictable benefits and the freedom to choose healthcare providers who accept Medicare.

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