Does AARP Membership Include Roadside Assistance?

The reality is that car problems occur. Whether it’s a punctured tire in the middle of nowhere, or a flat battery miles from home, being stranded on the road can be an annoying and stressful experience. This is even more disturbing for older people, who may not feel confident handling roadside emergencies themselves.

Common question answered here: Does AARP membership cover roadside assistance? We will look into Does AARP Membership Include Roadside Assistance? What AARP membership entails and other available options for roadside insurance coverage to help you in deciding what you should do next.

Does AARP Membership Include Roadside Assistance

Does AARP Membership Include Roadside Assistance?

No, AARP membership does not include roadside assistance directly. They have many excellent benefits and services for members aged fifty and above in areas such as health, finances, travel, and lifestyle. Nevertheless, there are no provisions of roadside assistance in their core subscription package.

Here’s a quick rundown of benefits and services offered through AARP membership:

  • Discounts/Savings: Members get exclusive discounts on different products or services like travel, eating out, entertainment, or healthcare among others.
  • Advocacy & Representation: AARP actively lobbies legislations which impact older Americans, including social security benefits access to health care system.
  • Educational Resources: For instance; health & wellness topics relevant to seniors financial planning retirement living etc
  • Social Connections/Events: Local chapter meetings workshops social gathering to promote interaction among members.

Though this isn’t a direct benefit per se’, members enjoy discounted rates through collaboration between AARP with reputable insuring firms thus making it possible for them to receive comprehensive coverage at potentially lower rates than other policies sold independently by insurers in the market.

What Roadside Assistance Means?

This term is used when referring to a service offered when your vehicle breaks down while on the road or any other kind of emergency that can come up. These plans usually contain several services aimed at getting you back behind the wheel safely as well as quickly as possible again.

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These are some typical elements that are part of the roadside assistance plans:

  • Towing: They pay for your car to be taken to a mechanic within some distance.
  • Flat tires: Assistance in changing or replacing a flat tire.
  • Jump starting a car: If your car has no power, then it can be started by someone else.
  • Fuel delivery: Fuel can be brought to you if it runs out when driving around town or on the highway.
  • Lockouts: Can help you get into your locked vehicle very quickly without causing any damage to it.
  • Winch service: In case it is stuck in snow, mud or even ditch (limitations apply).
  • Emergency roadside services number: It provides access seven days a week at any hour to its dedicated call centers where one can request for help.

Advantages of Roadside Assistance Coverage

Assurance and peace of mind – Knowing that assistance is just a phone call away in case of a vehicle breakdown can reduce anxiety and stress during times of difficulty.

Convenience – These programs eliminate the need to call tow trucks, search for emergency mechanics, or depend on friends and family members for rescue operations.

Don’t Get Stranded: How to Access Roadside Assistance with AARP Membership.

Roadside assistance serves as a safety net on your journeys, offering peace of mind in unexpected situations. Whether through bundled memberships like AARP or standalone plans, it ensures help is just a call away, allowing you to navigate the roads with confidence.

Roadside Assistance Options for AARP Members

You’re on a deserted road with a punctured tire. Your battery is lifeless, and you are miles from your house. These roadside emergencies can ruin even the most well-thought-out journeys. For these members, access to AARP’s road assistance programs is a valuable privilege that brings comfort in times of need.

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AARP has several membership levels, each offering different benefits. Here’s what they entail:

  • Basic Membership: No charge to enroll in; provides access to discounts and resources but does not include roadside assistance.
  • Standard Membership: Inexpensive annual fee with discounts and some benefits but may not include roadside assistance (check plan details).
  • Premium Membership: Higher annual fee includes more discounts, benefits, often including roadside assistance.
  • Life Membership: One-time payment for lifetime membership with all the perks, usually inclusive of roadside assistance.

The bottom line? To get an instance of roadside help through AARP, it will demand that you be either Standard or Premium or Life Member.

Examination of Roadside Assistance Offerings

Roadside services for qualifying members are provided by Allstate Insurance Company in partnership with AARP. Coverage specifics differ based on your membership plan, but generally include:

  • Towing – covers towing your vehicle up to a certain mileage, within which there should be free mileage before any additional miles attract charges.
  • Battery Jump Start – helps when your battery dies so that you can start your vehicle once again.
  • Flat Tire Change – assisting you replace a flat tire using spare tires (not available at AARP).
  • Lockout Service – assists you in gaining access into your car after locking yourself out
  • Fuel Delivery-small quantity delivery to reach nearest gas station (Fuel not paid for).

Additional benefits may be offered depending on your plan, such as:

  • Winching services
  • Roadside assistance for motorcycles or RVs

Remember: Go through the specifics of your AARP membership plan to know what roadside assistance is actually included.

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Comparison with Standalone Roadside Assistance Plans

There are also independent companies that offer standalone roadside assistance plans, which provide similar services like those in AARP’s memberships. Here is a comparison:

AARP Roadside Assistance (through Membership)Standalone Roadside Assistance Plans
ProsUsually available together with other advantages of joining AARPMore freedom in terms of coverage levels and services
Can be cost-efficient if you use other membership benefitsMight have extra features like trip interruption reimbursement or rental car aid
ConsCoverage specifics may be limited compared to some standalone plansRequires another monthly or yearly payment besides the one made towards becoming an AARP member
May not include all desired services
Choosing between themIf you hardly ever need help on the road and prize other AARP membership benefits more, the included one might be enough. Otherwise, if you have additional coverage needs or require specific services that aren’t provided by AARP, choosing a standalone plan can be more preferable.

So, in general, does joining AARP guarantee access to roadside emergency aid? This facility gives peace of mind to clients as they are assured that they can seek help just by making a call in case of a sudden flat tire, dead battery or running out of gasoline.

This means that whenever their members are on national or international travels; they can rely on the speedy availability and reliability of assistance from trusted companies who work with AARP.


In conclusion of Does AARP Membership Include Roadside Assistance?, while AARP membership does include roadside assistance as one of its benefits, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding whether it’s the right option for you. The convenience of having roadside assistance bundled with other AARP benefits can be a significant advantage, especially if you find yourself utilizing other membership perks frequently.

However, standalone roadside assistance plans offer greater flexibility in coverage options and may include additional features that could better suit your specific needs.

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