What Companies Are Affiliated With AARP?

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a leading organization advocating for the needs and interests of individuals aged 50 and over. Beyond its advocacy efforts, AARP offers a wealth of resources and benefits to its members. One key aspect of these benefits is AARP’s network of affiliated companies.

Imagine a globe divided into sections, each representing a different affiliated company category (e.g., Insurance, Travel, Financial Services, etc.). Within each section, you could showcase logos of some prominent AARP-affiliated companies.

This article will delve into What Companies Are Affiliated With AARP?, exploring the significance of these partnerships and the benefits they offer to AARP members.

What Companies Are Affiliated With AARP

Clarifying mysteries concerning AARP Affiliations

Affiliations in this content refer to relationships with various businesses across several sectors by AARP. These firms provide exclusive discounts, perks or advantages to members only.

Journey towards affiliation

Companies that want to affiliate themselves with has to go through an elaborate process before they are accepted into this institution. Consideration is given to issues such as commitment levels, product quality as well as reputation among others.

The table below shows possible considerations that might be put in place by AARP while choosing affiliated companies:

Selection CriteriaDescription
Company reputationA solid track record for customer satisfaction and ethical business practices;Quality of products and services Products and services targeting the specific requirements and preferences of AARP members.
Competitive pricingExclusives discounting or competitive pricing on goods and services offered exclusively for AARP.
Commitment to AARP valuesSupporting them in their mission as advocates for persons who are over fifty years old.

The Win-Win Factor

A win-win scenario exists between both parties involved in AARP‘s affiliations:

  • AARP: Provides valuable benefits to members, strengthens its value proposition, and potentially generates revenue through referral programs with some affiliated companies.
  • Affiliated Companies: They get access to a large base of AARP members, build their brand recognition among older adults, and might enjoy the positive reputation of AARP.
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What Companies Are Affiliated With AARP?

From insurance providers to travel agencies, delve into the partnerships enriching the AARP community’s experience and access to valuable resources.

A. Insurance Providers

Health Insurance: The AARP partners with leading healthcare insurance providers to offer its members access to Medicare supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and other health coverage options at rates that may be competitive.

Life Insurance: Members of the AARP can examine life insurance policies provided by linked companies, which might have simplified application processes or age group specific benefits.

Auto Insurance: Reduced auto insurance premiums and specialized coverages for senior drivers could be offered by AARP-affiliated auto insurers.

B. Travel and Hospitality

Hotel Chains: Get discounts and special deals on hotel stays at popular hotels chains associated with AARP.

Rental Car Companies: Plan your next road trip by renting a vehicle at reduced cost through rental car businesses that associate themselves with AARP.

Travel Agencies: Organize your dream holiday using travel agencies that are connected to the AARP, who may have exclusive offers tailored specifically for them as an AARP member.

Consider adding a travel-themed infographic here. This infographic could showcase some of the benefits AARP members might enjoy through travel and hospitality affiliations, potentially including icons or visuals representing hotels, rental cars, and airplanes.

C. Financial Services

Banks: Affiliated banks may provide special rates on banking products such as checking accounts, savings accounts, or CDs for AARP members.

Investment Firms: Examine investment possibilities and perhaps obtain financial advice from investment firms that are associated with AARP.

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Credit Card Companies: Credit card companies related to AARP may extend credit cards with benefits that suit members of the organization, including travel rewards, cash back rewards or lower interest rates.

D. Retail and Consumer Goods

Retail Chains: Save on everyday purchases at any of AARP-affiliated retailers, covering groceries to clothing, electronics to home improvement items.

Online Retailers: Make online shopping and save money through unique discounts by AARP partnered online retailers.

Pharmaceutical Companies: This might involve collaborations between AARP and pharmaceutical companies wherein there are reduced prices for certain drugs or educational materials concerning chronic diseases’ management.

E. Telecommunications and Technology

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): One can get cheap internet access via the ISP affiliated to the AARP.

Mobile Phone Carriers: Older adults might have a chance to buy mobile phone plans through carriers linked with AARP who may offer discounted deals for their members as well as phones with larger buttons, simpler interfaces among other features.

Electronics Companies: This implies that when purchasing electronic goods you should buy them at lower prices or else use specials specifically meant for these types of customers in those areas where they work with ARB such as computers, cell phones or tablets etc.

Table 1 below provides examples of some affiliate benefits availed to AARP by selected companies:

IndustryPossible Benefits
Insurance ProvidersDiscounted premiums, simplified applications tailored coverage (health/life insurance & car covers)
Travel and HospitalityExclusive discounts on hotels, rental cars, travel packages
Financial ServicesCompetitive rates on banking products, investment guidance, credit cards with discounts tailored for ARB members.
Retail and Consumer GoodsDiscounts available at various stores every day; shopping online and save on medications.
Telecommunications and TechnologyThey give cheap internet plans, elderly-friendly phone programs, as well as incentives to buy electronics.
Don’t forget; these are just samples of what AARP members can get when they have links with various companies.

Maximizing the Benefits of AARP Affiliations

To fully benefit from the linkages between AARP and its affiliates, consider the following:

  1. Go through the official website of AARP: This offers an inclusive list of companies associated with this organization that spans across different sectors.
  2. Read through your membership information: Your ARB membership documents could also contain details about particular discounts or benefits from partners.
  3. Contact AARP for more details: In case you are not sure about anything regarding ARP‘s affiliations, or you need any help concerning a specific feature, don’t hesitate to talk to us via our customer service desk in ARP.
  4. Do a comparison: Always compare different products and services before subscribing or buying anything from any affiliate company of the above-mentioned association so that you get best deal for your money.
  5. Understand terms of use: One should always review service terms before committing themselves to such offers in order not to be caught unaware by them later on after service delivery has already been made available.
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By doing so, one will navigate smoothly through all the benefits provided by being affiliated with AARP‘s. It is clear that there exist diverse avenues where members can save their money while experiencing what it truly means to be part of this program.


In conclusion of, What Companies Are Affiliated With AARP? AARP boasts an extensive network of affiliated companies spanning various industries, including insurance, travel, health, and roadside assistance. Some notable partners include UnitedHealthcare for health insurance, The Hartford for auto and home insurance, and Expedia for travel discounts.

These affiliations offer AARP members exclusive benefits and savings tailored to their needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for insurance coverage, travel deals, or roadside assistance, exploring AARP’s affiliated companies can help you make the most of your membership and enjoy added perks and peace of mind.

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