Does AARP Save You On Hotels?

To many people aged 50 and more, travel is one of the most cherished experiences where they can visit new places, re-unite with relatives or just relax. Although this may be true, travel expenses could accumulate very fast, making savings on hotels a top priority.

This raises the question; does AARP membership mean that you get big hotel price reductions? Therefore, let’s find out more about AARP benefits and how they help you save money on hotels and explore Does AARP Save You On Hotels?

Does AARP Save You On Hotels

The Benefits beyond Hotel Deals Revealed

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has an all-inclusive membership program specifically designed to meet needs and interests of individuals aged above 50 years old. While offering discounts for accommodation in hotels is definitely worth mentioning, there are so many other advantages of being an AARP member. Here are some highlights:

  • Discounts and savings: Aside from hotels, every member of the AARP enjoys numerous discounts including travel, entertainment, healthcare, and financial services.
  • Educational resources: A variety of educational resources regarding retirement planning as well as health and technology are available at AARP.
  • Advocacy: The organization serves as a strong voice for older adults on issues such as healthcare access and social security benefits.
  • Social connection: From local chapters to social events through online communities of like-minded individuals AARP offers connectivity opportunities.

Here’s an infographic you might consider adding to visually represent the range of AARP benefits:

A pie chart broken into chunks denoting various types of amenities offered by ARP (for instance Discounts & Savings, Educational Resources, Advocacy, Social Connection).

Within each section icons or visuals can be used to illustrate specific advantages provided within each category (e.g., discounts icon for travel etc.).

Another way in which your life can be improved is by becoming an AARP member among whom some of the benefits are; hotel discounts.

Does AARP Save You On Hotels?

Finally, let’s concentrate on the AARP hotel discount program. This is what you need to know about this bonus:

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A. Overview of AARP Hotel Discounts Program

In order to provide its members with exclusive discounts on hotel rooms, AARP collaborates with a wide range of hotels and resorts across the nation. These discounts can vary depending on the hotel chain, location, and seasonality.

Here’s a bulleted list highlighting the advantages of using AARP hotel discounts:

  • Nationwide network: Enjoy discounts at a vast selection of hotels across the United States.
  • Variety of options: Find AARP discounts at budget-friendly hotels, mid-range chains, and even luxury accommodations.
  • Simple access: Members can book their discounted stays either directly through the ARP website or through any participating lodging facility by mentioning their membership number.

B. Types of Hotel Discounts Available with AARP Membership

To suit your budget and travel preferences, there are different forms through which you can get an AARP discount at a hotel:

  • Percentage discounts: For instance, many hotels will offer you certain percentage positions off ordinary room rates that are meant specifically for older persons who have joined ARP. This may be from 10% up to 20% or above based on this particular inn as well as promotional campaign in place then.
  • Special packages: Some establishments may have special offers for their guests who belong to this association only which might comprise reduced prices for renting rooms along with other advantages like free breakfast or spa vouchers.

Senior citizen prices: A few hotels may have senior citizen rates that are the same or similar to AARP member discounts.

Remember: This is just a hypothetical example, and the specific discount types and details might vary.

C. Comparison of AARP Hotel Discounts with Other Booking Options

Always compare prices before you book your hotel room. The following is how other booking options fare against AARP hotel discounts:

  • Direct hotel bookings – Sometimes hotels will offer special promotions or discounts on their own websites. Compare these options with AARP rates to see which offers a better deal.
  • Travel booking websites – Expedia, Kayak and other popular travel booking websites may also have competitive rates on hotels. Cross-check prices across platforms to find out where it is most affordable.
  • Loyalty Programs – Participation in hotel loyalty programs can lead to discounted rates, room upgrades and even free nights here and there. Consider any potential savings from your loyalty program membership when comparing pricing.
  • Discount Travel Clubs – Some travel clubs offer reduced costs on hotels cruises among others places of interests for tours. Compare the rates by such clubs with those through AARP for a more beneficial choice.
Remember: The best way to get an affordable place to stay at any time will often be comparing prices from various platforms including AARP discounts, hotel sites and even travel booking sites while factoring in any benefits acquired from belonging to loyalty programs (AARP discounts vs. Hotel Websites vs. Travel Booking Sites).

Maximizing Your Savings with AARP Hotel Discounts

Now that you know about ARRP hotel discounts, here are a few valuable tips to help you save:

  1. Plan Ahead – Booking hotels in advance especially during high season usually comes with better deals including those offered through AARP.
  2. Be Flexible on Travel Dates – If you have some flexibility in your travel dates, try booking during off-peak seasons or weekdays, when you may be able to get bigger discounts.
  3. Try Different Locations – There are several AARP discounts available at different destinations across the country and beyond. Think of exploring new possibilities where there might be cheaper places to sleep than the ones initially chosen by your group.
  4. Combine Discounts – In some cases, there are hotels that offer additional promotions or special offers alongside those from AARP membership alone. You can check this aspect while making reservations for rooms.

Through the use of these hints and thoughtful comparison tactics, AARP’s discount opportunities can have immense gains towards your upcoming reservations at any hotel room whatsoever.


Does AARP Save You On Hotels? Well, it is a maybe. AARP membership allows for entry to a hotel network with reduced prices; however, it is important that you compare these prices from different platforms to guarantee the best deal. Nevertheless, there are substantial benefits in terms of other aspects of having an AARP card as well which may make this option particularly attractive to those who travel regularly.

Ultimately, whether AARP membership is right for your traveling needs or budget depends on personal circumstances. However, familiarizing oneself with the hotel discount plan and researching alternative ways of cutting costs will enable you to choose wisely and possibly save during your next trip.

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