Is It Worth Getting AARP Membership?

As we get older, our priorities change. These include financial security, availability of medical care, and how to keep oneself active and interested in life. The AARP or the American Association of Retired Persons is an organization that caters specifically for these needs and has a wide range of benefits to offer people aged 50 years and above.

But is it worth having an AARP membership with so many choices available? This will be an extensive guide of Is It Worth Getting AARP Membership? That will help you understand its eligibility requirements, membership charges as well as significant advantages to make your informed decision.

Is It Worth Getting AARP Membership

Understanding AARP Membership

A. Eligibility Criteria for Membership

Age is the most fundamental requirement for joining AARP; therefore, you must be fifty or more years old. Nevertheless, there are some additional factors:

Spousal Eligibility: If your spouse is already an AARP member, then you can join at a reduced rate.

Lifetime Membership: Unlike regular memberships that need renewal, with a one time payment fee one may obtain lifetime membership from AARP.

B. Membership Fees and Options

AARP offers several types of memberships depending on individual’s needs and budget. Below are some categories to choose from:

Standard Membership: This option costs about $16 annually, which makes it highly popular among customers who want access to all basic perks including discounts, publications and advocacy tools.

Single Membership: Aimed at individuals who wish to take advantage of the standard membership but at a slightly lower price.

Dual Membership: Made specifically for couples whose joint benefits cost less than two individual members’ fees combined.

Lifetime Membership: For long-term commitment seekers, there is this option requiring single payment (usually higher than annual standard ones) but providing permanent access to any offered benefit.

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Table 1: AARP Membership Options at a Glance

FeatureStandard MembershipSingle MembershipDual MembershipLifetime Membership
EligibilityIndividual or CoupleIndividualCoupleIndividual
Fee (approx.)$16/yearSlightly lesser than standard in priceDiscounted in comparison to two separate subscriptionsOne-time payment (higher than standard annual fee)
BenefitsAll core benefitsAll core benefitsAll core benefitsAll core benefits

AARP membership requires only that you reach the age of 50. There are different fees charged for becoming a member; this means that there are various plans available from which you can select one depending on what you want. The next section looks into some of the main advantages of AARP membership to help you determine if it is suitable for you.

Is It Worth Getting AARP Membership?

Membership in AARP opens up numerous doors across multiple life aspects. Here’s how these can be broken down:

1. Financial Advantages

Discounts Galore: Everyday purchases like groceries, dining, gas or travels could be made cheaper with AARP’s unique deals which mean extra cash in your pocket.

Insurance Options: These encompass competitive pricing on health insurance, life coverage plus automobile and home protection. Such coverages are offered by trusted providers via affiliation with AARP.

Table: Examples of AARP Discounts

ShoppingGroceries, clothing, electronics
TravelHotels, car rentals, cruises
EntertainmentMovie tickets, theme parks, museums
DiningRestaurants, cafés, fast food

2. Healthcare Advantages

Rx Savings: Lower the price of prescription drugs you pay by taking advantage of AARP discounts and resources. AARP negotiates discounts with pharmacies to help manage medication costs.

Health Information Hub: There is a lot of health information available from AARP. Use their articles, videos or interactive tools to keep track of your health and take action when needed.

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3. Lifestyle Advantages

Travel the World on a Tight Budget: Take advantage of reduced rates for hotels, flights, cruises and car rentals. By partnering with travel suppliers, AARP has access to exclusive offers for its members.

Entertainment at a Steal: Cut-rate movie tickets, concerts, theme parks are available at AARP. The entertainment budget can go even further with the help of this organization.

Give Back and Connect: Find volunteer opportunities and connect with your community through various programs offered by AARP. Stay engaged in life – it is too short to waste it! – Be active for senior citizens like yourself who want more than just talking about our past achievements.

Disadvantages Of Being An AARP Member

Although there are many benefits that come with an AARP membership, there are some flaws associated with it as well:

Membership Costs

  • Annual Fees: To join the organization, one has to pay annual dues. Consider if this cost balances out against potential savings and benefits provided before making any decisions regarding joining it.
  • Here’s an Idea: Test your potential savings from using an AARP discount against its membership fee by creating a budget now.

Targeted Advertising and Solicitation

  • Marketing Blitz: This means that once you sign up as an affiliate; you could face multiple ads about this organization everywhere. It might be overwhelming to some people, especially old ones or who have just retired from work life where nothing else except earning money was happening around them regularly every day since many years ago!
  • Privacy Concerns: Raising privacy concerns over whether personal information should be shared for membership purposes. Look at AARP’s privacy policy for more information on how they handle your data.
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Eligibility Restrictions

  • Not All-Inclusive: Some benefits may be subject to eligibility criteria and/or age limits. Be conversant with these constraints prior to becoming a member.
  • Here’s a brilliant idea: If you are interested in a specific benefit, check the AARP website for qualification requirements.
  • Member Satisfaction: It can be helpful to understand other people’s experiences before deciding on whether or not you should sign up for AARP membership.

Member Satisfaction Surveys

AARP regularly conducts member satisfaction surveys that measure their satisfaction levels and enable it to make necessary improvements in its services.

  • Positive Feedback:

Many members hold dearly the savings in their money, health care resources and airfare allowances that come with being associate members of AARP. Some even like the volunteer opportunities as well as sense of community within this organization.

  • Common Complaints:

This includes many complaints about receiving unwanted mail from them. Others may consider paying annual fees expensive if they don’t use all the benefits available to them, due largely because some seniors say this cost does not justify itself through saving enough money during each year without falling into financial disaster again.

An AARP membership can be a valuable tool, especially for those aged 50 and over who actively seek discounts, healthcare resources, and travel opportunities.


In conclusion, Is It Worth Getting AARP Membership? depends on what you need as an individual and how much money you have. For a lot of people aged fifty and above, the benefits and discounts offered through AARP outweigh the cost of being part of it, thus they provide a valuable resource in terms of finances, advocacy and community building.

However, it is important to assess carefully what you will get out of joining this organization against your specific needs if any so that this choice remains compatible with both your goals and personal style choices. Eventually, weighing all advantages in ratio with annual premiums and some other possibilities may help someone find out if he/she should not take advantage from becoming an AARP member yet.

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